The Art of Oral (Mature Content)

oralOnce in a committed, monogamous relationship, you would think oral sex is a normal, common occurrence. YET as “The Confidential Coach”, over the past several years, its shocking to me how many men have confided that their partners never give it and how many women have told me that they hate to perform it. Not only is it a perfect solution when maybe you’re not quite ready to go “all the way” or when a woman is on her menstrual cycle but it should be integrated with your normal sexual routine.

Believe this should go both ways in any committed relationship as far as giving and receiving but I’m going to talk to the ladies for a minute…

Oral sex is an art form and if you’re good at it not only will you satisfy your man but ensure a greater chance of the longevity of your relationship (one of many components physicaly, spiritually, mentally, emotionally…you get the picture). Many of you have complained to me about your gag reflex or how “giving head” just simply grosses you out. First of all, when you love someone there should be no bounds on the sexual front or how you connect in any area.

If you are indeed someone who gags easy, practice on the end of your toothbrush, a banana, a cucumber, a hot dog, a lollipop or whatever compares to the size of your man…as we all know, no man is created equal lol.

Another thing you can do, while in the act if you absolutely do not want to go far down, is lubricate your hand (aka spit on your hand – trust me he won’t mind), put it on the bottom of his shaft, jerk him off in a circular motion while sucking and moving your mouth up and down on the top half. As long as you keep the bottom half lubricated, he will feel like the whole thing is in your mouth. And ladies… men do NOT like their balls to be dry while receiving oral so lube those suckers up as well. Lick, spit, caress gently (very gently) with other hand when at all possible.

Now, if your mate is not well groomed or doesn’t keep his undercarriage clean, by all means speak up and tell him the trade off will be well worth it.

Another trick if you absolutely hate to give oral, is to at least lick and gently suckle his family jewels (balls) while giving him a well-lubed hand job. Just the fact that you’re down there looking up at him while doing it, will be better than nothing at all.

For all my deep throat girls, be thankful you know how to “open the hatch” so to speak. Most of us freaks find the thrill of having so much control in bringing our man explosive, orgasmic pleasure that we get all up in it. Challenge yourself to always take it to the next level. Don’t be afraid to give head in risque places, toss his salad (when he has just gotten out of the shower of course), try to deep throat and lick his balls at the same time, let him straddle your face and take turns between his stick being sucked and sack being tea bagged. Throw that pretty jawline up against it and let him smack it on your face… WHATeva it takes to keep it FRESH.

Happy HEAD hunting. ¬†Here’s to many satisfying relationships and trust me, we will deal with the men on this subject as well here at so STAY TUNED!

Written by ZoeLena


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  1. I love this post and honestly it’s really helpful in a way to satisfy my partner. I would do an experiment tonight. wink

    Rosanna /
  2. Sometimes I just go with the flow and as long as my partner is satisfied to what I do then I think I am doing the right thing.

    Janet /
  3. I need more help! The reason why my Bf kept on cheating on me because I am bad at sex. Please Zoe post more.

    Nathalia /
  4. I was laughing at the part when you mentioned about size because I had an experience with a little or should I say not fortunate with size but hey.. he is good at sex so at least I am satisfied in some way. Anyways I enjoyed reading this post and I know you could reach more people who are shy to talk about it.

    Kristine /

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