Dr. Zoe is available for high-end, 1-on-1, confidential coaching. Space is limited so act today to secure your spot on this mogul’s roster!

Advising/Consulting/Coaching On:

      • Career/Brand/Business/Organization Development
      • Public Relations
      • How to Deal With and Utilize the Media
      • Affirmation/Self-Awareness/Self-Confidence
      • Clarity of Purpose
      • Religion/Spirituality
      • Relationships/Romance/Sex
      • Contractual Negotiations
      • Branding/Advertising/Marketing
      • Social Media
      • Finances
      • Career Choices
      • Transitions/Paradigm Shifts
      • Cutting Edge Leadership
      • Image Consulting
      • Vision Mapping
      • Organization
      • Focus
      • Setting Intentions/Executing Goals
      • Meditation
      • Manifesting via Thought and Visualization
      • And MORE…

To ensure proper attention to clientele, space is limited.

Access is the greatest gift granted! Join the many iconic business, religious and entertainment leaders, who have experienced greater success through access to Dr. Zoe…

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