Stars Tweet Unimpressed Reactions to this Year’s Emmys


If you don’t have anything nice to say, vent your feelings and frustrations on Twitter.

Some of Hollywood was left unimpressed with the evening’s festivities.

Between backlash over surprise winners, and those complaining of sheer boredom, celebs took to social media to tell us how they really feel.

Here’s a look at who wasn’t feeling this year’s awards show:

Chris Harrison “#CBS is killing it tonight, no seriously you’re killing the #Emmys”

Martha Plimpton: “Ummmmm… #Emmys, when will we dispense with the dance montages? No one likes them, y’all. We’d rather hear from the ppl we’re honoring.”

Billy Bush: “Is it me or is this show really really really weird? #emmys.”

Chris Kattan: “The #Emmys tonight are especially melancholy. Don’t cha think?”

Shonda Rhimes: “But…but Walter is the one who knocks. He knocks, people. #hugebryancranstonfan #emmys”

Jennie Garth “what is happening #emmys #weirdarbitrarydancenumbers #sohappy”

Piers Morgan: “Zzzzzzzz (again) #Emmys”

Michael Ian Black: “Next year, spice up the Emmys a little by not having them.”

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  1. See they are just ordinary people! hahahaha! retweet!

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