Another Example of The Power Of Social Media

This proves the power of social media! Really love this story! If Obama can win his first campaign with social media, if Fortune 500 companies are utilizing it every day and this kid can win his dream date with social media… then you can win your vision, more clients, a bigger following, fame, fortune…

So what are you waiting for? Get Katapulted today!

May you utilize social media to make all your dreams come true!

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Texas Teen Gets NFL Cheerleader For Prom Date

HOUSTON (AP) — It took 10,000 retweets but a Houston-area teenager got his dream date for the high school prom: A Houston Texans cheerleader.

Seventeen-year-old Michael Ramirez, a Crosby High School senior, asked cheerleader Caitlyn on Twitter if she would be his prom date if he could get 10,000 retweets. She responded, “Of course I will,” and within 24 hours, it was a done deal.

Ramirez’s proposal — “10,000 Retweets and I’ll be taking a texans cheerleader to prom” — hit 10,000 on Friday. Caitlyn says she is looking forward to the prom; the team does not release full names of its cheerleaders.

Ramirez told the Houston Chronicle ( ) his mother tweeted to the 19-year-old cheerleader that her baby was “so excited.”

He joked: “I was just, like, ‘Mom, can you just stop?'”

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  1. I never thought of that idea before, but damn! That’s so clever for him to get a hot cheerleader for prom.

    James /
  2. We all know that social media is really powerful and we just have to understand how to use it for our own advantage. This guy surely knows how to do in social media except to control his mom. lol

    Peter /
    • He has talent of thinking outside the box and using social media to his advantage but it takes effort to get that many retweets.

      Howard / (in reply to Peter)
  3. I was hoping we could watch them on their prom night.

    Keith Thompson /
  4. She is hot and I think he already won the jackpot here!

    HMark /
  5. Lucky Bastard! Thanks for the idea and I hope I can get a date as well.

    Mike /
  6. Social Media is really something and it is not like before that we used to write love letters.

    Andy Eigenman /
  7. I wonder how can I check how many retweets it is now. He sure knows how to get his girl but he should unfollow his Mom or make sure his Mom is not on twitter.

    Paul The Man /
  8. For a hot cheerleader like that, it should be 1 million retweets. <- just sayin

    Mr.Cool Guy /
  9. Now that we are talking about retweets, Can I ask the most beautiful Zoe on a date?

    Joshua Akitson /
  10. Fascinating story and I think that’s why people from all around the world helped him with the retweets to make his senior prom a memorable one.

    Joan /

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