COMING SOON: Dr. Zoe Today APP!!!

Dr Zoe TODAY App

Something awesome is in the works! It’s sexy… savvy… and spiritual. In the very near future the Dr. Zoe Today APP will be available for FREE download in your iTunes Store or Android Market!

The app will feature daily inspiration on real, raw and relevant topics such as love, sex, relationships, global business and Universal spirituality. App users will be able to submit questions to Dr. Zoe on these topics which will be answered on her upcoming weekly radio show. Both the live radio show and the archives can be listened to through the app while you go about your day or night! Among other features, users will also

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 have exclusive access to free personal development content, gifts and special offers!

The sleek, sexy design and ease of use of course is a plus but who would expect anything less from Dr. Zoe, aka “The Confidential Coach” and President & Founder of Katapult Enterprises.

To be among the very first to know about the launch of the “Dr. Zoe Today” APP, subscribe to updates via the form on the right hand side of this site! You will even receive a free copy of “Inspirational Quotes for Your Life’s Journey” by Dr. Zoe  when you subscribe! Also be sure to stay sharply tuned to Dr. Zoe’s social networks!

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  1. This is beyond amazing! a Dr Zoe APP that could definitely help solve my daily queries plus daily inspirational quotes. I’ve been struggling with many choices in life so this is exactly what I need.

    Michelle V. /
  2. With budgeting and forecasting my own business, Dr Zoe once helped me out find ways to get back on track. Nowadays, I often times seek help from my colleagues about running the business, without me thinking of surviving on the next day or two. I’m so blessed she pushed me though. I’m sure another milestone will be achieved once I subscribe on the Dr Zoe Today application that can guide me along the way…

    Kirby /
  3. Who wouldn’t like to be helped by Zoe Lena? Who wouldn’t like success and achieving goals? Yes of course, I wanted to be at my best and having my own Zoe Lena APP is a very inspiring way to get started.

    Khloe B. /
  4. Oh a sleek and sexy confidential coach on Dr Zoe app can have a powerful advice daily. I’m so excited then for what she would offer to me. This is indeed will be helpful to me boost my confidence.

    Seth /
  5. I am having problems with my husband lately and obviously I need a life coach. How the application ought to help me out here when I deal with him real time?

    Michal Jun /
  6. WOW! Dr Zoe is present everywhere in our android phones. I’ve been following her since then in Twitter and now she has her own APP… this is way too cool. No doubt everyone would be interested and loved with it.

    Saraya /
  7. A free personal development content, gifts and special offers. What else I should get with these complete bonuses I am looking for this APP? Whatever it is, I am so satisfied on just the app only.

    Nathaniel /
  8. We listen to her all the time on radios with my friends. She is the best coach I’ve ever known… fun and inspiring too. Her android APP will be a hit to all, the most downloaded applications because she is really smart and intelligent gal. I was one of her clients she help with, who’s life becomes better and brighter.

    Sheila Jones /
  9. I don’t believe it, a free love consultancy with Dr Zoe Lena on android? OMG!! I have to grab this now before it’s too late!

    Elionor Farr /
  10. I just tweeted this and I know my friends will be happy to get this app. Btw, congrats Dr. Zoe!

    Jordan /

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