Dr. Zoe Kicks it With America’s Top Cougar, Hattie RetroAge

Hattie RetroAge on Dr. Zoe TodayOn this week’s Dr. Zoe Today Show, “America’s Top Cougar” Hattie RetroAge (Seen on¬†Howard Stern, TMZ, TLC, Inside Edition, ABC Nightline, CBS News, HLN, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Joy Behar just to name a few) joins Dr. Zoe for a real, raw and relevant discussion.

Hattie dives deep into what all the listeners want to know, her dating experiences as “America’s Top Cougar”, when she started dating younger men and why, the youngest man she ever dated, dealing with the media… and get THIS: at the end of the show, Hattie fakes an orgasm on the air. Yes, you read that right.

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Hattie RetroAge is also an Anti-Aging Coach and was certified via Katapult Enterprises Life Coach Certification Program.