Dr. Zoe Today – Another Month of Real, Raw & Relevant Episodes

This past month of “Dr. Zoe Today” shows was filled with phenomenal guests, GREAT advice & hilarious one-liners!

Episodes included:

  • Freaky… Or Just Plain Perverted? With Guillermo “Gizzy” Cervano ( #GizzyCredit )
  • Confessions of “America’s Top Cougar” With the renowned Hattie RetroAge
  • Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man With Dan, the “Gay Man” from the Broadway Comedy based on the best-selling book
  • The “101 Nights of Great Sex” Guru With New York Times Best-Selling Author of 9 titles, Laura Corn

We’ve put together some of our favorite moments in the highlight reel below! Enjoy!

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  1. This is definitely a great episode! I actually want to hear more real stories from the America’s Top Cougar. She really made this episode worth to remember.

    Jane /
  2. I love it! I also don’t want to fake orgasm because I always make sure that it happen for real.

    Tyra /
    • But there are a lot of woman out there who really can’t help it but to fake it for their partners.

      Alexandria / (in reply to Tyra)
  3. You know what, I can’t stop laughing and I surely enjoyed this video so much Zoe.

    Fiona Montreal /
  4. This 2nd month video is way too awesome. I have learned something more about hot sex and this just made me a big fan of your web episode.

    Carissa /

    Denzel /

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