Millionaire Matchmaker on Dr. Zoe Today Goes VIRAL

So basically, if you haven’t caught wind of what went down on last week’s Dr. Zoe Today show, you’re living under a rock. 

Almost 300 news outlets, blogs and celeb gossip sites were buzzing with the info that Millionaire Matchmaker’s Candace Smith gave the inside scoop to Dr. Zoe on the show.

There’s been speculation and controversy surrounding a kiss between Candace and matchmaking client UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold. Luke did an interview with TMZ saying they “hooked up”. Candace had not confirmed or denied the kiss or that anything happened between the two of them to anyone, not even Patti Stanger, until her interview this past Thursday. She gave a 15 minute full confession on everything from admitting she IS attracted to Luke Rockhold. to details of the kiss, to Patti’s off camera rampage.

Check out the clip below: 

We have a treat for you. Candace Smith will be returning to Dr. Zoe Todaythis Thursday for Part 2 of the interview and to answer YOUR questions. So if you have a burning question for Miss Smith, submit now either through the “Ask Dr. Zoe” tab in the “Dr. Zoe Today” app OR at… and make it good cuz we already have a TON!

Tune in Thursday night 9EST/8CST/6PST to see what Candace reveals next!

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