Nicole Kidman Knocked Down By Paparazzo, Reportedly Pressing Charges

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman is reportedly pressing charges against a paparazzo who knocked her down after slamming into her with his bike yesterday afternoon (Sept. 12) in New York City.

Kidman was returning to the Carlyle Hotel after attending the Calvin Klein show for New York’s Fashion Week when photographer Carl Wu came speeding down the sidewalk, according to Us Weekly. He was reportedly trying to get to the hotel in time to snap photos of Kidman’s arrival. Witnesses tell TMZ that Wu tried to slow down as he came closer to Kidman, but he crashed into her and she fell to the ground.

Keith Urban’s wife was allegedly furious and said that she was going to press charges. She called the cops shortly after the incident occurred.

Nicole Kidman and her team have not been available for comment yet.

From Huffington Post

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  1. It must be painful and probably she is ashamed that she fell down in front of many people but c’mon Nicole that was just accident it was not his intention to do that. Accident happens!

    Ivy Johnson /
    • You have a point but we are talking about Nicole Kidman here and she is no ordinary person that you see everyday so I think she made the right choice to press charges.

      Milka / (in reply to Ivy Johnson)

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