Samsung Leading In The SmartWatch War

galaxy gearThat Samsung plans to launch Samsung Galaxy Note III on September 4th in Berlin is old news. However, looks like the smart-phone maker is all set to launch a smartwatch along with the now famed phablet.

Dubbed to be Galaxy Gear, the smartwatch will come with all the features of a wrist-watch along with the added abilities to make and receive calls. Reportedly, Samsung has already filed for a smartwatch patent in the US as well as Korea and while the company is still not sure of the launch, the watch will most likely than not debut in September with Note III.

Galaxy Gear will come in a metal body with glass and fibre. Naturally, the watch being a smartwatch will easily sync with smartphones to perform functions like internet access, calling, camera, etc. Which platform Samsung bases the smartwatch on is no secret as the leaks have all indicated towards an Android watch Android platform (the name ‘Galaxy’ being more than a hint here). Also, it wouldn’t really make sense to base the smartwatch on any other platform! We would love to see a Jelly Bean 4.3 smartwatch but we think Samsung might restrict the OS to previous tried and tested versions. Also, another interesting point would the compatibility with smartphones. Will the smartwatch be compatible with just Samsung devices or even other Android gadgets?

A Samsung smartwatch has been on the cards since long and the launch of Galaxy Gear will set in motion the next big war of the tech world as Apple, too, is gearing up to launch their smartwatch. Another battle of Android Vs iOS is set to roll!

Sony launched their Sony Smartwatch II earlier this year and the watch, though impressive, has somehow failed to impress and catch on with the masses. While wearable tech is soon becoming the ‘in’ thing, there are still few options and not much awareness or buyers. Considering Samsung’s love for doing all things with a bang, we are sure the South Korean phone-maker will spare no effort in marketing the watch. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear might just be the revolution the wearable gadget world needs.

What do you think of this upcoming epidemic? Will you rush to stores to purchase the new Galaxy Gear? Will you patiently wait for Apple’s iWatch? Or do you think the whole idea is ridiculous?

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  1. I prefer Samsung than Apple since it has big difference with the price and specs. I don’t think its ridiculous since its a new technology as long as we can benefit from using it. I just hope that Galaxy Gear will be on android platform.

    Jo /
  2. The big question is how much? and if its only be available in US?

    Dixzon 291 /
  3. I love Samsung and I am sure that this Galaxy Gear will be the gadget of the year if they will release it this year.

    Jordan /
  4. Let’s guess who will win this gadget war? my guess will be Samsung

    Naiomi /
  5. Samsung should consider adding to its specification : scratch proof, water proof, shock proof and it should have camera recording capability. If they add this on Samsung gear then the world will turn down apple and will give them more sales.

    AlvinRyan /
  6. Is this the true image of galaxy gear? It looks pretty cool.

    49ers4Life /

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