Samsung Inks $100 Million Deal With the NBA


Samsung has announced a $100 million deal with the National Basketball Association to bring the brand’s technology courtside during games.

The brand is now the official handset, tablet and TV provider of the NBA, Women’s National Basketball Association, and NBA Development League, according to a press release from Samsung and the league.

Sports Business Daily reports that the deal will include on-court integration and Samsung monitors at courtside for replays. NBA referees will also work with Samsung tablets, but in what capacity is uncertain at this point.

In addition to receiving exposure during televised games, Samsung will also offer customized NBA content on its devices. Samsung replaces Hewlett-Packard and China’s Haier Group.

The release didn’t outline the terms of the agreement. The Wall Street Journal reported that it was a $100 million, three-year deal.

The agreement comes after Samsung ran ads featuring NBA star LeBron James in 2012.

“Obviously LeBron worked and they saw that it worked,” said Ben Sturner, CEO of Leverage Agency, a sports marketing firm that was not involved in the deal. Sturner added the NBA affiliation will help Samsung capture the NBA’s young, male demographic. “It has some weight with them,” he said, referring to the NBA. “And it’s a way to block out the competition.”

From Mashable

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  1. It’s a big move for Samsung and they know this is a win win situation for them and getting Lebron is the right choice so I think the $100 is worth it.

    Walter /
  2. I think it is better to get Wade than Lebron because I think people knows Lebron but most fans will pick Wade.

    Michael /
  3. It surely does beat their competition…. Big time!!!

    Ashton /
  4. The Question is how much did they paid for Lebron to accept this deal?

    Ervin /
  5. They have the money and this will remove their competitors out of the picture. Samsung is awesome when it comes to phone and tech so I think this will give them a big boost on their sales. It’s a bold move but it is the best strategy for them.

    Ariel /
  6. Samsung is pretty much known in Asia so good job Samsung on getting in the NBA

    Harris /
  7. A free live streaming of any NBA game on any Samsung device will be awesome

    KingLebronFan /

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