Usher’s Son Recovering Well After Tragic Pool Accident

ushers sonUsher‘s 5-year-old son is recovering well after his tragic pool accident earlier this week … and doing what every recovering sick kid in the hospital does … watching “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Usher’s ex Tameka Raymond posted this photo of lil’ Usher to her Instagram Saturday, with the caption, “Woke up cheerful, happy and hungry … watching Fresh Prince. What does he know about Fresh Prince? lol.”

TMZ broke the story … Usher’s son was hospitalized after he almost drowned in a pool under the care of his aunt. His parents decided to keep him under doctors’ care until they were 100% sure he was okay.

He’s expected to be released from the hospital this weekend.



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  1. The parents should be more hands on with their son. Usher should know that.

    Rein /
  2. He’s really cute and I am just glad that he is fine.

    Sherry /
  3. Ohhh..Tameka posted this? She just want to be on the spotlight again but glad to hear the kid is okay.

    Preccy /

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