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Every week Dr. Zoe Today brings you cutting-edge interviews with some of your favorite celebrities… all about love, sex & relationships.

Press is buzzing after The Millionaire Matchmaker’s Candace Smith dropped even MORE controversial info on Part 2 of her “Beautifully Brilliant” interview last week.

Because of Dr. Zoe’s experience as “The Confidential Coach” to celebs and other leaders in business, entertainment, sports, politics and religion, she seems to have a keen ability to get her guests to divulge information on the show they would nevershare anywhere else.

Bravo TV’s star from The Singles Project will be this Thursday’s guest and next week (April 30th) Dr. Zoe Today will host comedian, MTV Guy Code cast member and host of TruTV’s Hair Jacked, Jon Gabrus. Listeners are always on the edge of their seat… and Dr. Zoe makes sure they stay there.

With a huge, diverse audience, we have strong demographics of women primarily between the ages of 18-30 years old and men between the ages of 18-45. 

Here’s the news part… Are you ready? 

Dr. Zoe Today is now offering Sponsorship Opportunities to serious investors. YOU can take advantage of this excellent opportunity with promo packages for your business, product, service or event! (See this article in TheSource Magazine)

For more information and to get started, contact the show’s producer:

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