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letstalkaboutsexAfter many years of being an advisor, consultant and coach, most who know me will tell you I have no problem talking about sex openly. After seeing MANY marriages destroyed because of the lack of sexual communication, it has become a passion of mine to assist individuals and couples in having a more fulfilling sex life.With an honest belief that we are not naturally created to be monogamous but rather, that is a choice that we make in the commitment of love, my advice has always been controversial but effective. In a society that is driven by all things sexual, it amazes me that discussion on healthy sexual topics is still considered taboo in many circles.

 Think it’s very important that there’s open communication about both hetero and homosexuality along with issues like practicing safe sex, women who have trouble climaxing, erectile dysfunction in men, keeping the spice in relationships, sexual compatibility,  even sexual abuse.
Some other topics I enjoy speaking on are how being sexual or sensual does not mean you are sexually promiscuous, the importance of masturbation, the benefit of sex toys, creating true intimacy using techniques such as tantric sex…
Since each of us are created as individuals, sexuality varies from person to person. For many years I felt guilty about being high-sexed, especially when in a relationship with someone with a low libido. In order to have healthy relationships, first with ourselves and then others, we must embrace our individual sexuality with no shame.
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  1. To me sex is one of the reasons that my relationship is going stronger and without that then that should be the end of it. lol

    Claire /
  2. I need your advice because my partner seems a bit cold when it comes to sex. I wonder if its normal or is it just that he is busy working.

    Diana /

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