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If you look at the history of human behavior, inherently, we have felt the need to conform. Conform to family values, society, religion, government and more. If you think about it, most everyone wants to be a part of status quo, some group, clique, cliche, or organization. This is what I like to call “The Case of Lost Identity”…

As we approach the threshold of global consciousness, polar shifts and personal awakenings, many changes are taking place, not only in our atmosphere universally but also within the supernatural Spirit Man that dwells within each of us.

 As a child, I was raised in a Baptist church, where I was always bothered by the limitations which the “frozen chosen” placed on an extremely vast and powerful Creator as they warmed the pews. With over 38,000 different denominations within just the Christian faith alone, surely you can agree with me that we are created as individuals with individual opinions and beliefs. No doubt there is a “higher power”, which I have grown accustomed to calling “God”, that has created the sun, moon, solar systems and countless stars. It amazes me how so many people continue to be sheeple, following the teachings of selected scriptures, chosen by, most likely, an egotistical, manipulating, money-motivated, so-called “spiritual” leader.
Speaking of the Scriptures, why are so many people afraid to actually use their God-given intellect to research, study and do their due-diligence in regards to the origin of the very Scriptures they try to base their whole existence around? Watered-down versions after translations between Greek and Hebrew, then to English of a collection of writings by prophets past, some even being removed (see the Apocrypha), hardly seem infallible. Religion was established primarily to instill fear, control the masses and hardly exemplifies an indeed, infallible Creator, Basic Bible principles hold true since the beginning of time. The enlightened individual, Jesus Christ’s teachings are very similar those who came before his time such a HorusKrishnaSocrates and Buddha. Anyone who pays attention to modern-day inspirational or motivational icons can evidently see that their teachings are derived from those of ancient times.
As we do research and understand the beginning and the end of ages, we can see a cycle within individuals, where they become complacent in their way of life, their beliefs, their daily rituals, only to become, once again, awakened. If we look at incidents in nature, even just the way seasons change, their are many examples of what was once dormant or destroyed, becoming revitalized. This pattern is also evident within human consciousness. In an age of “awakening”, the changes that take place cause the weak to dissipate and the strong, survive, allowing a more resilient species to emerge.
We talk of a “God”, a “Higher Power”, a “Creator”, being all-powerful, all-knowing, the Alpha and Omega… Surely this “God” would know technology would advance, medicine would advance and yes, even people, would advance. Each of us being uniquely creative with our own ideas, DNA and fingerprints, the only way that we can have a sense of peace with one-another, is to recognize that what is right for one, may not be for the other. The more one becomes enlightened that we are ALL in fact, inevitably interconnected and part of one Universe, no matter what color, creed or culture, the more likely one is to come into their own true essence. Most all mystics, spiritual philosophers and religions teach “love ALL”. I would like to challenge YOU to not become so comfortably conditioned in your day-to-day routines, that you stop questioning the beliefs that you have been spoon-fed by family, culture, media, society, religion, tradition and so on. Also to those who consider themselves “spiritually enlightened”, you must maintain a balance with reality in order to be an effective earthly vessel.
Individualism is breaking through the fear of not being accepted in order to live your true, authentic life. Ask yourself, “Who am I REALLY?”, “What are my thoughts, beliefs, convictions and passions?”, “What would I say, what would I do, how would I live, if I wasn’t held back by others’ opinions?”. Each one of us has our own personal gifts, talents and abilities. Too many people have lost their identity and are living to please someone else or trying to be someone else other than themselves.
Imagine awakened individuals leaving their authentic fingerprints upon the Universe, coupled with a consciousness of all being ONE. THIS is “Universal Individualism”.
Written by ZoeLena



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  1. OMG! I can relate and it’s sad that I am one of the people that pleases someone. :'(

    Jocelyn /
  2. Well I believe that everyone of us is created uniquely by God.

    James /
  3. It depends upon the individual on how religion was established for them but most religions were instilled positively.

    Divina /
  4. Oh my! This is truly enlightening. I realized how complacent I become after 25 years of my existence. I think this is the right time to change my lifestyle physically spiritually and mentally.

    Sophia /
  5. This is all about RESPECT. Respect for the beliefs and ways of living of an individual.

    Abraham /
  6. And I’m glad that I am not one of those who try to please others just to fit in…..

    Carissa /
  7. Simple – Compassion and respect for the other person’s feelings and belief are the key to understand UNIVERSAL INDIVIDUALISM

    Dewey /
  8. I am catholic but I love Krishna too. I am passionate about him but this doesn’t affect my religious belief.

    Princess Jessie /
  9. Complacency nowadays plays a rigid role in an individuals life and I do not think that this is good. There are few who tries to do things aside from their daily routine because they feel it will not be essential for their life and for the society in which they belong.. Especially for the workaholic one.

    Chloe /
  10. Limitations caused by the religious beliefs can be avoided if they can read this blog of yours, surely they can be enlightened too.

    Jace /
  11. It is true. Individualism is affected by many factors. Like my brother, he is a bully because from his point of view he will fit and will have his circle of “friends” if he will do so though I am not tolerating him about this matter.

    Dean /

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